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Apache POI

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by , 02-24-2012 at 08:37 PM (1075 Views)
Apache POI is apache project which provides the access of MS format files to Java APIs. POI means Poor Obfuscation Implementation. It is a great API for MS document format access. Java programmers find it to be a best solution. APIs are present in POI to manipulate different formats of files which are based at the MS OLE 2 Compound Document, using pure Java. By using Java, you can write/read MS Excel files. A spreadsheet could also be created through Cocoon serializer.
HSSF is the pure Java implementation of the POI project, of file format Excel '97(-2002). HSSF offers following features.

HSSF Features

  • HSSF facilitates to read the spreadsheets. Create, read, modify & write XLS.
  • For efficient and read only access of the Eventmodel api.
  • Full usermodel api is provided to create, read and modify the XLS files.

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Apache POI