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Apache Commons HTTPClient

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by , 02-24-2012 at 07:59 PM (937 Views)
The HTTP i.e. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is one of the most significant & popular protocol nowadays. HTTP protocolís role has been expanded by the network growth; web services and other network enable applications. Also, applications which need HTTP protocol are also increasing in number.

Core functionality is being provided by the package to access resources through HTTP. Full functionality is not provided by this package which is needed by applications. Apache Commons HTTPClient provides feature rich, up to date and efficient package which implements the functionality of client side of majority of the recent protocols and HTTP standards.

HTTP protocol is supported and its functionality is extended by the help of Apache Commons HttpClient. Developers also find it very useful when they develop applications like web services clients, web browsers or other systems which play their role in HTTP protocol extension, for the distributed communication.

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