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Apache Commons

Apache Commons Collections

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by , 02-24-2012 at 07:54 PM (919 Views)
Java Commons Collections Framework accelerates the Java applications development, being an empowered data structure. For collection handling, it has now taken a position of standard in Java.
Java Collections provides implementations, new interfaces & utilities. They are built at JDK classes top. List of features of Java Collections is as following:

  • Bag interface consist of various copies for each object.
  • MapIterator is for iteration, on a Map.
  • Interface BidiMap is for maps. Key value pairs are mapped by it.
  • Buffer interface consist of removal order like a FIFO.
  • Type-checking decorators are given to limit & ensure the instances.
  • Supports a composite collection.
  • Provides ordered maps as well as sets.
  • Identity map is new collection’s part.
  • Iterator implementations & different comparator are provided.
  • Adapter classes.
  • Transforming decorators are being provided for altering the objects present in the collection.

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