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Apache Commons

Apache Commons

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by , 02-24-2012 at 07:48 PM (631 Views)
Apache commons basic focus is at the Java components which are reusable. It is basically an apache project which consists of three parts.

  • The Commons Proper:

Reusable Java component repository.
  • The Commons Sandbox :

Workspace for developing java components.
  • The Commons Dormant :

Sandbox component repository, which is not active currently.

Major Principals of the Apache Commons Proper:
  • To create or maintain the reusable Java components
  • The Commons Proper is considered as a place to collaborate and share.

Apache Commons also consist of place known as sandbox to test & share the ideas. Maintenance of all of the sandbox components is not essential.

They are Commons Sandbox components which are inactive since there is a little development activity. For using these components, build them. It has been assumed that components would not get released, in near future.

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