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Apache Ant

Apache Portability

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by , 02-19-2012 at 09:29 AM (752 Views)
Portability problems are solved by the Apache Ant. All the required actions for creation of a target are being specified as the shell commands, in Make file. All commands are platform specified. For running the Make at varying platforms, platform specific commands shall be written.

Built in functionality is being provided largely by the Apache Ant which would be behaving similary at all platforms.

For cleaning targets or to delete files present in class directory, this command is used.

rm –rf classes/

rm is considered as a unix specified command.It is not present in any other operating system, like Microsoft windows.

In windows, this command is for deletion of all files of the Classes directory.

Rmdir /S /Q classes

Use this built-in command in Apache ant “build.xml” file.
<delete dir="classes"/>

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