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Apache Ant

Building Ant

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by , 02-19-2012 at 08:52 AM (612 Views)
Options present to build source, from Apache Ant are:

• Installation of the Ant source distribution
• Checking out of the Ant module, from SVN

Your installation directory shall be changed after the installation is done.

JAVA_HOME environment variable shall be set, to the JDK installation directory.

These commands are used to build by the help of Ant:

build -Ddist.dir=<directory_to_contain_Ant_distribution> dist (Windows)
sh -Ddist.dir=<directory_to_contain_Ant_distribution> dist (Unix)
In a specified directory, this will be creating Ant’s binary distribution.

Following actions are also performed.

• Ant code will be bootstrap
• Bootstrapped Ant is invoked with those parameters that are passed to the build script.
• Create ant-launch.jar & ant.jar JAR files
• Optional JARs are created which consist of relevant libraries for the build.

For the installation of the build to the current ANT_HOME directory, use:

build install (Windows)
sh install (Unix)
Lengthy Javadoc step can be avoided with:
build install-lite (Windows)
sh install-lite (Unix)

It will only let you install lib and bin directories.

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