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Apache Ant

Apache Ant

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by , 02-19-2012 at 08:48 AM (684 Views)
Apache Ant is a java library and is considered as command line tool. Major tasks performed by Apache Ant is building processes drive which have been explained in the files of builds as extension points and targets, dependent at each other. Java based applications are built by the Ant which is the key usage of it. Various built in tasks are provided by the Ant so that following could be performed at Java applications:

1. Compile
2. Test
3. Assemble
4. Run

Any processís piloting is done by Ant generally that could be detailed in terms of tasks and targets.
Java is used to write the Ant. Ant could be customized by the programmers and antilibs are created by them which consist of Ant types and tasks. Also, number of open source antlibs & ready-made commercials are present.

Apache Ant is a command line tool which is quite flexible.Directory layouts or coding conventions are not being imposed by it to the Java applications.

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