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Android Development

Android Application Framework

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by , 02-11-2012 at 11:58 AM (1391 Views)
Android Application Framework supports development of rich and innovative mobile applications. Android Application Framework is open source and uses Java Programming language. Android developers can take benefits of the hardware device, access location information, background services, alarms, ability to add notifications and many other benefits.

Core applications uses framework APIs and developer complete rights to those APIs. The architecture of application is based on reusability of components. An application can provide interface to capabilities & different application may use them. It is also based on security constraints of the framework that it supports or not.

Following are the applications that are a collection of systems and services.
• An application can be build using extensible & rich collection of Views. These Views may include following:
o Lists
o Grids
o Text boxes
o Buttons
o Web browser
• The data is accessed and share data with different applications, Content Providers is used
• Non-code resources such as layout files, strings & graphics are accessed using a Resource Manager
• Custom alerts are displayed using Notification Manager
• Application’s lifecycle is managed by the Activity Manager. It manages & provides a navigation back stack

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