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Android Introduction

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by , 02-11-2012 at 10:40 AM (1381 Views)
Android includes following at its core:

1. Key Applications
2. OS
3. Middleware

Android SDK consists of different APIs & tools to start developing mobile applications on Android platform. The programming language is Java that is being used for development of these applications.

Core Features

1. Application framework: It is used to replace and reuse different components
2. Dalvik VM (Virtual Machine): An optimized machine for mobiles
3. Integrated browser: It is build on top of Webkit
4. Optimized graphics: 2D graphics library and 3D graphics library based on the OpenGL
5. SQLite: It is used for storage of structured data
6. Media support: AAC, AMR, H.264, MP3, PNG, GIF ,MPEG4, JPG
7. GSM Telephony: That is dependent on hardware dependent
8. EDGE ,Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G
9. GPS, Compass, Camera and accelerometer
10. A development environment that includes following:

a. Debugging tools
b. Device emulator
c. Performance & Memory profiling
d. Eclipse IDE plug-in
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Android Architecture

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