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Advanced Java

The Collection Classes

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by , 02-18-2012 at 05:03 PM (945 Views)
Standard collection classes are provided by the Java which does the implementation of the Collection interfaces. Few classes give full implementations that are being used as the abstract class, skeletal implementations are provided which are the starting points to make the concrete collections.

Here is the list given of standard collection classes.

  • AbstractCollection: Collection interfaces are implemented by it.
  • AbstractList: Extension of AbstractCollection is done. Implementation of the majority of the List interface.
  • AbstractSequentialList: Extension of the AbstractList is done to be used by a collection which will use a sequential access instead of random access of elements.
  • LinkedList: By extension of AbstractSequentialList, a linked list is implemented.
  • ArrayList: By extenstion of the AbstractList, a dynamic array is implemented.
  • AbstractSet: Extension of the AbstractCollection is done by it and also implements Set interfaces.
  • HashSet: Extension of the AbstractSet to be used along with a hash table.
  • LinkedHashSet: Extension of the HashSet so that to permit the insertion-order iterations.
  • TreeSet: Implementation of a set that has been stored in a tree. Extension of the AbstractSet is done.
  • AbstractMap: Map interfaces are implemented.

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