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    Default Re: reference variable to JFrame

    That's how I used to be too, and actually it was someone at one of these Java forums that pointed out how unnecessary extending JFrame by default was.

    Another downside to using extends when really you need composition is this: now that I work on software development teams at work, if I see somebody else's code extending a JFrame (or JPanel, or whatever), my immediate assumption is that they must have changed some behavior of the component (otherwise why would they extend it, right?). Then I have to go looking through their code to make sure they haven't futzed with the size or visibility or what-have-you before I use it. If they had just favored composition in the first place, I wouldn't have that ambiguity.
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    Default Re: reference variable to JFrame

    Thanks, the moral of it all is: there is not just one way to do things?

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    Default Re: reference variable to JFrame

    Actually, there are many ways of doing something. But relatively few correct ways.

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