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    Default call JFrame by select JList

    Hi To All!
    "i wants to call JFrame1 By select JList item in JFrame2"
    My project is to view the client system activities by server,
    if server enter the ip address of client, it can show the client activity in JFrame1.
    But i wants to create new window to select ip address from stored list,
    i build new JFrame2 can retrieve data's from ms access to JList
    Database name : Mydatabase
    Table Name : ips
    col : ip & name

    if i select one of the ip address, it should call to JFrame1 by select JList from JFrame2..,

    Any one cal help me please..,

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    Default Re: call JFrame by select JList

    If I understand that correctly: Read the API for JList and follow the link to the Swing tutorial on How yo Use Lists.

    Most GUI applications don't use more than one frame; a subsidiary window is usually better implemented as a modal dialog. See the section of the same tutorial on How to Use (make?) Dialogs.

    Moving this to the Swing section.

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