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    Default JTableModel and Relation Database

    I am learning how to use JTables. I have learned how to pass static content into the jTable constructor to populate it. I now want to use the AbstactTableModel class and the resultSet from mysql database to populate the table but i don't have a clue how to implement it can somebody help me. I already know how to use the getColumnCount, getRowCount and getColumn methods but i am not that clear on getValueAt method. I know that it's the getValueAt method that is used to populate the table but not how to use it with sql. And another question i have is if i was to use the AbstractTableModel class with and sucessively set it up with mysql database if i was to make any change to the data within the database would it automatically update the table

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    Default Re: JTableModel and Relation Database

    See: Table From Database Java Tips Weblog for some ideas. The TableFromDatabaseExample code would be the best place to start to better help you understand how TableModels work.

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    Default Re: JTableModel and Relation Database

    Data will be automatically updated every time you refresh the page/or table.
    If you want immediate effect of data change, means whenever the data is changed in the database, immediately the front end will be updated. To implement this, we have to put some extra effort like implementing listeners.

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    Default Re: JTableModel and Relation Database

    Data will be automatically updated every time you refresh the page/or table.
    This is not true, at least relative to the original posters question. Perhaps when the data is being retrieving by a web front end, not a Swing application.

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