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    Default Maven integration with Testlink tool - Dependencies issue

    I am trying to integrate ny Webdriver scripts withTestlink. But i am not able to download the dependencies required through maven. Below is my pom.


    I am able to download this api. But i get below error for some client api.

    package does not exist

    Can someone please guide me from where to download these dependencies.


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    Default Re: Maven integration with Testlink tool - Dependencies issue

    If this library is a public API you can try to search it in the maven central repo. Search at The Central Repository Search Engine. If it already in you pom.xml then maven should be able to download it.

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    Default Re: Maven integration with Testlink tool - Dependencies issue

    The dependency is not the issue, it exists. But it does not contain the package mentioned. It may be from an older version.

    EDIT: it is probably in a different library 'Testlink-client-api-2.0.jar'. But that would be weird as that seems to be part of an Eclipse plugin.
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