So let's say I want the screen to become from normal color tone to complete darkness (black screen), this would happen over a DEFINED time length. So like what I want to do is make a method that accepts five arguements, (Red, Green, Blue, Gray, Ticks). The Red, Green, Blue, Gray define the new color tone, Red, Green and Blue can range from -255 to 255, while 0 for all of them is normal RGB color tone. The Gray can range from 0 to 255, while 0 being normal color. Finally, the ticks arguement makes this change from the CURRENT screen color tone to the DEFINED screen color tone OVER the ticks defined in the arguement.

So basically, you know how you can like put on yellow tint glasses and you can see everything in a yellow tone, it's like black and white but instead of white a color, well this is a TYPE of screen color tone. There's a software called RPG Maker XP, and you can basically use and do this:

[Game] Change Screen Color Tone by Specified Time Length-screen-color-tone.png