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    Question Failure of Preferences API under OSX

    I'm seeing an apparent failure of the Java Preferences API. A user has loaded my application onto two different OSX computers. One one computer, Preferences.put() and Preferences.get() function as they should but on the other computer, information saved in one session has disappeared when the program is invoked a second time.

    My application is distributed as a .JAR file. I have over 300 registered users on Windows and OSX, and probably 10 times that number who have not bothered to register. This is the first I'm hearing of such a problem.

    Has anyone run into such a situation before? Or is there a better forum to post this question on?


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    Default Re: Failure of Preferences API under OSX

    Check Java versions.
    If they're the same then I would suggest it's something about the setup on the two machines rather than Java.
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    Default Re: Failure of Preferences API under OSX

    On an MS Windows machine those preferences are stored in the registry database; on Unix machines those preferences are stored as XML files starting in the user's home directory or above (for the system preferences). Check if the user has write rights for those directories.

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