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    Default list files from URL on webserver

    Hi, All

    How to list the files in folder on webserver. HERE i am using the URL PATH AND NOT THE LOCAL DISK PATH

    Thanks& Regards
    Deepali andhare

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    Default Re: list files from URL on webserver

    I'm not sure the expression "the files in folder on webserver" has a well defined meaning. Or if you do mean something specific by it, what that is.

    Filenames and URLs are different sorts of beast. Filenames name actual entities on a disk. Links aside, the hierarchical structure of a file path mirrors the hierarchical structure of the entities on the disk. And it makes sense to ask what the contents of a given folder (given by its path) are.

    URLs also have a hierarchical structure, but it is a structure of the names only. Servers are free to interpret the path however they like. (RFC 3986 "a path segment is considered opaque by the general syntax"). And a URL makes no distinction between a "folder" and a "file".

    Given a url like you might imagine that bar is a folder, but it's not. And you might want to know what other things could replace baz.html and result in a valid return by the server. That's a valid question, but in general a server need not provide you with a way of finding out. If it makes sense, a server may give you something useful if you hit the URL but it need not. And what it gives you will be up to the server.

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    Default Re: list files from URL on webserver

    Don't double post. Your other thread with virtually the same question has been closed.
    how to liat the files in a folder on webserver

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