HI All, I am implementing a SSO using NTLM. The steps are:
Step1: Cliente ask for resource
Step2: Server ask for NTLM negotiation
Step 3: Client sends to the server NTLM type 1 message
Step4: Server sends back to the client NTLM type 2 message
Step5: Client sends type 3 message.

The problem I have is in Step 5, when the browser receives the type 2 message, it just stops displaying "IE cannot display the webpage" and sends nothing to the server.
I have checked that I am sending a correctly the type 2 message, using a sniffer I can see the NTLM type 2 message (challenge) and it is well formed (I have test also different flags configuration). I have test also with Firefox and the same behaviour. Server and client are in the same Domain.

I will appreciate any clue in what I could try or investigate as I have tested all possible things and I am blocked.

Thanks in advance.